To this day, I am fascinated by the cause and causality of nature, thanks to my Uncle’s Ranch, which spawned my undergrad interest in animal science. Those University studies led me to work on cattle and sheep ranches in the US, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and eventuality at a corporate feedlot in Australia, which processed more than 150,000 head of cattle.

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Such a corporate feedlot, which poses a 24/7 logistical processing facility, requires a dedicated IT (Information Technology) department to run all the automated processes as efficiently as possible.
Thus began my interest in IT; since the 1990s, I have worked with Corporate Ranchers & Fortune 500 companies on forward in continents such as Europa, South America, Australia, and the US, to provide a stable, secure infrastructure for its business can strive on.

As a seasoned Sr. Cyber Security Engineer, I have accumulated such certifications as CISSP, ITIL, MCSE, VCP, & CCNA, among many others, and continuously striving to acquire new skills is part of my DNA.

In addition, you will find me at local IS groups for a never-ending educational journey, such as the ISC2 local chapter, for a chat on cause and causality.

Finally, which is near and dear to me, I provide volunteer security assessments to small businesses to provide educational cybersecurity knowledge transfer.