all the intelligence, for what?

This profound and immense reaching use of the US ‘Surveillance Power’, what social good is coming out of it?

I thought part of intelligence surveillance gathering is that it lead’s ultimately to specific actions for the greater good –social justice loosely spoken?
But have particular intelligence surveillance collection efforts below, being forgotten?
 Joaquín Guzmán the C.E.O. of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel. And has the monopoly on Midwestern drug distribution. Now, where are the actions to stop to flow of money back to Mexico?
 What about the Wall Street crash in 2008, the housing bubble bust. Alerts were heard in the back of 2007 from the Northern Rock, a UK bank. Signaling a possible financial crisis that occurred in the United Kingdom on August 9, 2007.
What about the Catholic Church Sex scandal?
Again, the list goes on and on...

Ok, so what? Where is the rational, where is the sense of protecting and doing well for our society with the known intelligence?

* As always all opinions are my own.
all the intelligence, for what?