dear gardener

Dear Gardener

**After weeks of Snowden NSA publication disclosures and the fallout of such disclosure I had to ask a fundamental question.. all framed in the below blog named 'The Gardner' -enjoy.
I am thankful for your ever-seeing eye, which runs virtually through all pecuniary life exchanges. The color Green not only shines through each greedy transaction but peeks through our ecological contained, controlled and monotone secure lives -reflected in ‘The Gardeners’ image.

Thank you for giving us a safe, and protected existence as an ecological crop within your garden. Our crops provide nutrients, shade, and holds the fertile ground beneath us. We may prosper and grow strong within each row. In liberty and pursue happiness.
You stand tall, stand strong my Gardner; and liberally raise your undeniable pruning hand to overcome classified enemies that spring up between the clean, and monotone rows of arable crops. Nobody has the reach of the ever-seeing eye, including the ability to plow high yield rows of crops solely by the justification of the Gardner’s enemy’s classification.
Reach down, reach deep with your firm hand my Gardner and reap as you see fit to keep clean the monotone rows for a uniform yield of crops. You don’t seem to merit uniqueness such as lush native garden rows between your uniform crops, which in turn takes away the resources of our enemy’s.

What are our consequences if we do not permit and provided alternatives for Gardner’s clean and monotone spaces that exist between the crops? Life in itself, will fill the voids such as providing a fertile harbor for our shared classified enemies, instead us providing tolerant alternatives to fill those voids.
Share your Garden vision where you currently reside.

* As always all opinions are my own.
dear gardener