frog conditioning

Day in and day out, we are inundated with information.
Silently conditioned to accept the ever slight warming of our information? So... 'frog conditioning' a gradual increase of temperature to become lethargic till the inevitable blinds our conscience.
It certainly feels warmer right now, especially after the Snowden publications of the Government capability such as; decrypted information via (1) back doors, weakened industrial standards, companies’ collaborate between their encrypted product lines.

Our trust in the government and businesses is eroding, so far the temperature is rising, and I don't see any uproar of our rights, our privacy, and our security is getting further condition to accept and expect even less privacy.

Indeed it’s getting warmer, I would agree with Bruce Schneier (2) that the 'math is right,' but that 'code has been subverted.' Subverted. Isn't such a historical factoid to undermine, to overturn your enemies - to subvert?

Is it time to go back to basics? On how you implement, how you configure a secure solution on a seemingly hardened platform with the eroding trust in software vendors? As Matthew Green (3) blog so well but it: 'Go after the implementation' and 'Access the human side' to weakened or break the crypto.

Well, what now, I would argue that we have to give the consumers an educated choice of crypto - secure configurations. That would put the Math where it belongs, what about the human part?

Ask yourself that questions plus the consequences thereof.

* As always all opinions are my own.

(1) Secret Documents Reveal N.S.A. Campaign Against Encryption, NYT Published: September 5, 2013
(2) The NSA Is Breaking Most Encryption on the Internet, Bruce Schneier Blog September 5, 2013
(3) On the NSA, Matthew Green blog, September 5, 2013
frog conditioning