lack of concern or easygoingness

Is our current society displaying a lack of concern or easygoingness for information? And if so, has it been fabricated out of the social media and its instant gratification model?

Looking back a decade ago, with the inception of the smartphones and its mobile revolution furthermore the pervasiveness that reshaped our daily lives. Due to this revolution, a new attention war emerged of social media flooded our newly connected lives competing for every second of your consciousness. And we openly accepted being part of this eSocial information revolution.

Is the root of our lack of concern or easygoingness for information due to the mobile revolution? And if so, who in the most rudimentary strides takes responsibility for its accuracy?

Coming full circle in asking what the response is towards information accuracy, can we apply the same weight over a lack of concerns equals the lack of information accuracy?
Especially with the intent of overloading information via trolls, to dilute and forces our analysis of data to a predetermined intelligence thinking pattern, i.e., being influenced.

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lack of concern or easygoingness