securing dumb…

Does it stop anytime soon? 
Does it ever Stop to secure dumb decisions?
Just now, I had to re-educate a dumb decision maker on a DropBox usage or lack thereof.
Yes it is secure, I see the padlock in the browser. The main site plus subsides are telling everyone that private and or confidential documents are safe and secure. Bravo!! Mr. decision maker, bravo!!

Oh yeah, I belief the TV shows, I belief in the constant streaming of market obliteration for our minds. It must be true as every one says, I got it from the Internet and or TV. 
Show me a company that successfully sells a commodity product with security focus in mind, then show me a consumer that chooses that product due to its quality and in particular because of its security feature vs. a cheaper equal product with less or no security features?
Are we getting the point?? 
We the Security community are education and pushing product manufactures to think and implement secure practices and hopefully in return receive safer and compliant products.
But no, all goes down to that second where the consumer has to choose. Yes... the consumer we see in our every day life's. I see that society solely drives on the the Dollar amount, the cheapest or most pushed advertised features that sometimes are not needed trumps over a more secure-safe product with a higher price!

We have to stop this polluted - poisonous decision trigger, that seemingly rules society. Or are we ending up securing dumb decisions, is this nowadays our mission?

* As always all opinions are my own.
securing dumb…